Upcoming Events

Conscious Kink Deep Dive – Melbourne
25th – 28th April 2024

Seani’s Kinky Magick Temple of Love – Manchester
11th May 2024

Taboo Fest – Berlin || Sacred Sex Picnic of Wonders
June 6th – 9th 2024

Shadow Tantrika Practitioner Training – Manchester
17th – 22nd June 2024

Shadow Tantra Weekend – Amsterdam
5th – 7th July 2024


Last time we ran a course designed for men, a third of the participants who signed up were women. 

We were very surprised by this! 

But they certainly added a lot to the group discusssions. 

Soon we will run another course with the intention of helping men find more grounded empowered sexuality. 

Do you feel we should be exclusive to men or should everyone be welcome?

Fill out our survey for 20% off the course when it goes live!