Session UK (£GBP) Europe (€euro) Australia ($AUD)
Regular session (3 hours)
£390 €450 $950
Extra hours
£120/hour €120 $300
Full Day or Overnight
(up to 12 hours)
£1200 €1650 $2100
 Outcall fee
£100 (within London) discuss discuss
Hands off session £90 / hour €120 $150
Professional Training discuss discuss discuss


First Session

A First Session can include all forms of physical hands-on work including: exploring consent, boundaries, intimacy and erotic play. This session type can include one-way sexual contact, BDSM, Conscious Kink, Shadow Healing and other beautiful and powerful personalised ritual. A first session lasts at least three hours long so we have plenty of time to ensure we are communicating well, can relax together and enjoy the ride.

A first session with me is your chance to ask for something erotic and receive it delivered by a skilled professional who is acutely aware of boundaries and the challenges people face with communication around sexuality. This is your opportunity to receive your first spanking, be tied for the first time or receive erotic touch purely for yourself.

I’m told time and time again how empowering it is for my clients to receive the kinds of erotic play they wish to receive without having to directly reciprocate. This is the best way to start learning about your own sexuality and the power of your unique erotic journey. A first session can be deeply healing and vastly transformative. How do you like to be touched? Do you even know? Get in touch to start exploring <3

(*) 3 hours is the minimum time required to ensure we have a common language when it comes to consent, boundaries and expressions of desire. For the benefit of mutual safety, I never strip naked the first time I meet a client.


Full day or overnight

Full day or overnight is up to 12 hours of time together including talking, nurturing, snuggling, erotic ritual, and other forms of sexual exploration. By allowing ourselves a great deal of time we are able to tread carefully and go deep and beautifully inside the places we wish to explore. A powerful journey! Not available to new clients.

Hands-off sessions

A “Hands-off session” is any session in which there is no physical contact. This can be coaching, kinky counselling and can be done in person or over Skype. This is a session for people who have an idea about their kinks but aren’t quite ready to explore them physically and for sexuality professionals who wish to enhance their expertise at taking their clients on journeys. This is a great offering for sexuality practitioners who need professional supervision as they expand their career possibilities and face day to day challenges. This is also a chance for the nervous amongst you to meet me before you decide to book a hands-on erotic session.


An outcall is where I come to visit you in your home or hotel. I add a small surcharge to the bookings to cover taxis, fares and time spent in transit. If you need me to travel further, please get in touch to discuss options. I travel a lot for sessions and workshops and I’d be delighted to come and work with you.

Professional Training

A training day is dedicated to me teaching you and in some cases your friends the skills required to become a more proficient erotic explore both for personal and professional reasons. I can teach you the arts of Conscious Kink, Erotic Ritual, Sacred Sexuality, Neo-Tantra and how these work together to enable you to take your lovers, partners and clients on powerful journeys please get in touch to discuss options.  Training can also include business coaching, marketing and other professional development. I am a strong believer in creating packages for people who want to embrace a series of packages. Let’s discuss what you need so we can arrange the best plan for your personal journey.


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