Session UK (£GBP) Europe (€euro) Australia ($AUD)
Erotic Encounter (3 hours)
£360 €420 $1350
Extra Hour £120 €120 $350
 Full Day or Overnight
(up to 8 hours)
£720 €850 $2500
Full Day or Overnight
(up to 12 hours)
£1100 €1350 $2900
 Outcall £100 €70 $100
Hands off session £70 / hour €90 $200


Erotic Encounter

An Erotic Encounter includes all forms of physical hands-on work including: exploring consent, boundaries, intimacy and erotic play. This session type includes sexual contact, BDSM, Conscious Kink, Shadow Healing and other beautiful and powerful personalised ritual. A first session should be three hours long so we have plenty of time to ensure we are communicating well, can relax together and enjoy the ride 🙂

(*) The first time I meet with a client for a hands-on session lasts a minimum of 3 hours. This is the minimum time required to ensure we have a common language when it comes to consent, boundaries and expressions of desire. For the benefit of mutual safety, I never strip naked the first time I meet a client.

Full day or overnight

Full day or overnight is between 8 – 10 hours of sharing time together including play, ritual and erotic exploration. We allow ourselves a great deal of time so that we are able to tread carefully and go deep inside the places we wish to explore.

Hands-off sessions

A “Hands-off session” is any session in which there is no physical contact. This can be coaching, kinky counselling or done over Skype. This is a session for people who have an idea about their kinks but aren’t quite ready to explore them physically and for sexuality professionals who wish to enhance their expertise at taking their clients on journeys. This is a great offering for sexuality practitioners who need professional supervision as they expand their career possibilities and face day to day challenges.


An outcall is where I come to visit you in your home or hotel. I add a small surcharge to the bookings to cover taxis, fares and time spent in transit. If you need me to travel further, please get in touch to discuss options. I travel a lot for sessions and workshops and I’d be delighted to come and work with you.