Conscious Kink

Bringing Awareness to our Kinks

Conscious Kink is a term describing the exploration of fetishes, kinks and BDSM in a self-aware, fully present way. The world of kink already contains many beautiful and powerful adventures and by bringing an extra level of self-awareness to it, we can deepen the wonders of our experiences a thousand times over.

There are many reasons you might want to explore your kinks – personal growth, erotic beauty and deep surrender are just some of these. Whilst I am at ease with common BDSM protocols, these are only a part of the story and there is so much more to kink if we dare to look a little deeper.

Using Kink to Explore Consciousness

Conscious Kink brings the awareness that exploration of a person’s fetishes has the potential to have a deeper effect. Sometimes great healing can take place. During sessions we remain open to the possibility of emotional release, spiritual experiences, deep healing and altered states of consciousness. Conscious Kink is about developing tools and techniques to enhance and navigate these deeper experiences when they arise. It’s like creating a beautiful and powerful map of your own erotic inner world. The journey inwards is invaluable.


Seani Love with the beautiful Kali Chandra

Conscious Kink with the beautiful Kali Chandra


I would be surprised if there was a situation, need, theme or desire that Seani couldn’t creative a successful and fulfilling scene or ritual for. I left my session with him impressed by both his ability and skills. ~ Siobhan



In our Conscious Kink sessions we could explore any of the fetishes you know and love (or those you’ve long dreamed about) including spanking, rope bondage, flogging with floggers, whips and paddles, role-playing, hair pulling, slapping and so much more. It’s a world of fun and powerful self-expression!

My skills in ritual, counselling, sacred sexuality and kink combine together to create a safe, sacred, empowering space in which participants can explore their inner worlds in powerful conscious ways.


Next Steps

Getting Conscious with Kink – Online Course 

Do you feel ready to expand your awareness of Kink & BDSM?

Whether you are brand new to the world of kink, or whether you’ve been practising for years, our online course Getting Conscious with Kink is the perfect way to deepen your practice.

Click here to find out more about this life-changing offering.

Private Sessions

My sessions are potent, life-changing and profound, and yet my emphasis is on ensuring your safety. Contact me now to arrange your own personal Conscious Kink journey. and let us begin to explore.

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