Below are some wonderful testimonials and feedback from participants at my workshops, or independent clients

I stepped through the delicious doorway that Seani held open for me – ever the gentleman of debauchery   – and now I would not, could not, go back to the place where I existed before this. I feel very blessed to have experienced the magic he manifested. Healed. Raw. Loved. Happy. Enthusiastic for more.

On a practical note, I always felt that he respected my boundaries at all times. I knew I was safe to let go. This was key. Very much the sexy dominant. Instinctively knew how to push just the right buttons in my head and physically. Love the beautiful rope knots he created! Many weeks later, still getting wet… <3 ~ A, 38, London

“I attended Seani’s workshop ‘Gems in the darkness’ at the Bliss 2014 festival in Ireland. The title of the workshop was very apt, well in my experience it was, but I suspect for others too. The focus of the workshop was exploring one’s sexuality via BDSM and we were invited to be open to whatever happens. We were reassured that all emotions were welcome. I loved Seani’s energy within the workshop. He is both fun and serious. I felt safe and this came through especially when I was triggered during one aspect of the workshop. I felt that Seani held the space for me to feel safe enough to 1) let go of my feelings and 2) express them fully. He held the space but did not try to fix me, thankfully

“The structure of the workshop was great, very boundaried but also open enough for us to explore within our own limits. For me Seani is a gifted facilitator, you will learn and discover new aspects to yourself but at the same time his fun, playful energy keeps it light too. If you want to explore conscious kink / BDSM his workshop is the best place for it.” – Helen

I am so proud of Seani Love and the fact that he got recognized and honoured for the amazing work he has been doing for so many years by shining Light on all areas of Sexuality and creating a very important public discourse on the subject matter related to All Things Sexual that most of the people even in this day and age would still not dare to approach.

Seani Love’s work is of extreme importance to the world. Why? Because sexuality is something natural and healthy, something to be enjoyed, not something hidden away in places of shame, darkness, fear and pain.

It is because of Seani Love’s work many victims of child and adult sexual abuse can come into their power by re-installing the positive models of sexual behaviour, by getting rid of shame and fear that had been hunting them for years controlling and, in some cases, ruining their lives completely.

This is the Time to Heal and time to talk about Sex openly. Thank you Seani for your invaluable contribution. Thank you for being brave and thank you for being you! Love, Natalia