Shadow Work

“Everyone carries a shadow,” Carl Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

  • If, as Jung says, everyone carries a shadow, then what is the best way to embrace it?
  • Is befriending our shadow a safe thing to do?
  • How can we integrate this part of ourselves without causing harm to ourselves and others?

Rather than run from our shadow or deny its existence, surely the wisest option is to consciously turn and face it and to learn to safely embrace it. Embracing our shadow is the only way to spiritual wholeness, integration and expanded consciousness. It is a part of ourselves that we have cut off which means we are not whole.

This is not a gentle coaching session or a sacred intimacy session but this is a deep and profound ritualised method of journeying inwards to meet your shadow, confronting it, healing it and ultimately integrating it into your life.

It’s worth repeating that Shadow Healing can not and does not serve as a replacement for traditional talk therapy.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of Shadow Healing and to ask how you might benefit from a session. 

Within our shadow, we might have impulses to explore our inner slut, beast, sadist, masochist, whore or victim. Only by consciously exploring these parts of ourselves can we live fully integrated and empowered lives.

Integration of the Shadow must be done with utmost care and love ~ although it often does not look like love at the time. We are talking about the darker, more animalistic and potentially more violent aspects of ourselves. Of course, these have been suppressed for good reasons as in our childhoods we learn to navigate our way through our families and societies and ensure the safety our ourselves and those around us. However, once we’re mature enough to face those parts of ourselves that we have suppressed, we can turn inwards and start to let our shadows see the light of day. I like to think of it as lighting a candle, exploring our inner worlds and looking at the murkier stuff within.

A Shadow Healing ritual is only suitable for people who are genuinely ready to move forward in life. If  you’re lost in your own shadows but they continue to call to you; or you’re afraid of your own darkness but feel compelled to understand them, then you are probably be ready to embark on such a ritual as this.

The danger of not integrating your shadow is that it will come out anyway! That’s right, it’s always there just behind your conscious thought, finding ways to leak out into the world. No matter how hard you try, your can’t be cut off. The only solution is to befriend it and make it your ally.

Shadow Healing is a powerful process that is designed to be as efficient and deep as possible. It’s a ritual combining a personalised combination of Counselling, Conscious Kink, Ritual Theatre, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic journeying and other magical healing arts.

My clothes stay on during shadow healing sessions unless that is pre-negotiated.

Shadow Healing is a somatic, body-based approached to person-centred therapy. It is a blend between my ability to go into the darker spaces and your own journey into self-knowlege. The session is a dance between my intuition and your instructions. Shadow healing is completely driven by you, with my spaceholding skills.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of Shadow Healing and to ask how you might benefit from a session.