A Note on safety

Conscious Kink and Sacred Sexuality sessions are not ‘therapy’ in the traditional sense although they can have a hugely cathartic and therapeutic benefit. Whilst I have been trained in counselling skills and in trauma-informed practice, kink and sex-work are not a substitute to actual therapy.

Therapists in the traditional sense cannot hold you physically when you cry or give you the love you need, they can’t tie you up nor give you the beating you might crave. However, therapists generally understand mental health and trauma-healing much better than I do. Would traditional therapy serve you more? Perhaps.

Please keep this in mind when considering booking.

What happens during a session?

* A session begins with a consultation. This is where we decide our intention, what we’re going to explore and our boundaries and comfort zones. The intention of the session varies from person to person and is based on your needs.

* We will then spend some time doing some exercises to connect more deeply with ourselves, and each other.

* Then we have the body of the session and explore what was discussed during the consultation. I will be using my expertise to hold the space and to take whatever role is required to support you on the journey we’re embarking on (whether it be intimate, kinky, erotic, healing, ritualistic, dominant, exploring deeper pleasure, or something else).

* When the body of the interaction has come to an end we then take time for feedback and sharing.

* If we’ve been engaged in a ritual, we will then close the ritual space and consciously integrate any lessons learned

* Please read below for examples of sessions you can choose from for your own journey with me and get in touch if you have anything else you’d like to explore

Shadow Tantra Session

If there’s a kink or a fetish you have not explored but you know it’s in you, then a Shadow Tantra session is a great way to explore this and make peace with it. It could be some fantasy you’re ashamed of; some part of your body unexplored or some name you want to be called. You may want to give your power away to someone and feel what that’s like. A Shadow Tantra session is a beautiful way to explore your kinks, fetishes and fantasies. Sessions normally last 3 hours and everything we explore remains completely confidential. Get in touch when you’re ready to explore!

Click here to read more about Shadow Tantra.

The Boyfriend Experience

A Boyfriend Experience is the ultimate in shared intimacy. A Boyfriend Experience can often be about emotional opening, connecting and witnessing. It can be about shared vulnerability, and the whispering of hidden emotions and secret desires in a safe and sacred space. It involves cuddling up and being sweet and cozy together and the sharing of genuine emotion and connection. Click here to read more about what this session can include x x

The Kinky Boyfriend

I love combining kink with intimacy – it’s one of the most beautiful ways to explore with a lover. I normally play the dominant role in such liaisons. We can engage in spanking, rope play, and other forms of surrender. Let me know what you’d like to explore and we can open you up to a world of possibility. I love taking you on journeys into your beauty and depths and really making your soul shine. Click here to read more about this session x x

Feminine Rage

Nearly all women across the globe have experienced some level of sexual harassment, unwelcome attention that crossed boundaries, sexual provocation or other expressions of unconscious male sexual aggression. Most (if not all) women have had their boundaries crossed and because of the nature of the situation, haven’t been able to express themselves clearly.

And that’s where the Feminine Rage sessions come in – this is your chance in a safe and sacred space, to really let that anger out, to scream and rage and rant and direct your anger at a skilled and professional space holder.

These sessions touch on the deepest places and are only really recommended if you truly are ready to release all that anger you have inside you. The story doesn’t matter; the release and transformation of the energy inside you does.

Click here to read more about these sessions x x

Conscious Kink

Taking a few moments to connect

In our Conscious Kink sessions we could explore any of the fetishes you know and love (or those you’ve long dreamed about) including spanking, rope bondage, flogging with floggers, whips and paddles, role-playing, hair pulling, slapping and so much more. It’s a world of fun and powerful self-expression!

My skills in ritual, counselling, Sacred Sexuality and BDSM combine together to create a safe, sacred, empowering space in which participants can explore their inner worlds in powerful conscious ways.

Click here to read more about Conscious Kink and what our sessions would involve x x

Shadow Work

“Everyone carries a shadow,” Carl Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

  • If, as Jung says, everyone carries a shadow, then what is the best way to embrace it?
  • Is befriending our shadow a safe thing to do?
  • How can we integrate this part of ourselves without causing harm to ourselves and others?

Rather than run from our shadow or deny its existence, surely the wisest option is to consciously turn and face it and to learn to safely embrace it. Embracing our shadow is the only way to spiritual wholeness, integration and expanded consciousness. It is a part of ourselves that we have cut off which means we are not whole.

This is not a gentle coaching session or a sacred intimacy session but this is a deep and profound ritualised method of journeying inwards to meet your shadow, confronting it, healing it and ultimately integrating it into your life.

It’s worth repeating that Shadow Healing can not and does not serve as a replacement for traditional talk therapy.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of Shadow Healing and to ask how you might benefit from a session. Click here to read more about shadow healing and my work.

Kisses And Cuddles

In a Kisses and Cuddles session, we get up close and intimate at your own pace. We really take our time to connect and nothing is rushed. This is your chance to be held, be seen, be loved and listened to by someone strong in their masculine. This is your chance to explore all aspects of your beautiful erotic self and we have the added emotional security of knowing for certain that there is no direct genital contact.

Click here to read more ?

Kink Coaching for Couples

How can Conscious Kink benefit you as a couple? Do you or your partner have kinky impulses, but you’re not sure how to get started? How can you bring kink into your bedroom (or relationship) when one of you is more kinky than the other?

The benefits of exploring Conscious Kink include deeper intimacy, greater sexual pleasure and personal growth. Exploring kink is also a wonderful way to get to know each other better and to safely explore long-buried aspects of your relationship. Click here to read more about this amazing experience.

Male Empowerment

Some of the most important skills I share in my workshops and sessions involve supporting men step into their raw masculine power.

Reclaiming The Masculine

I guide my clients into creating custom rituals, shamanic journeys and other conscious explorations of raw masculinity, in order to help them step into and reclaim suppressed power.

Journeys involve talking, feeling emotion and releasing pain, roaring, being called on your unhealthy patterns and taking powerful control of your own body and sexuality. During ritual work we accessing one or more of the archetypes where masculine power lies. The ‘king’, ‘warrior’, ‘lover’ and ‘beast’ archetypes are the most useful here, We might also work with godforms from certain mythologies as we dive in.

Consent And Boundaries

As men we absolutely must learn how to communicate our desires and intentions. We must learn how to communicate about our boundaries and how to ask for consent without losing the flow in our erotic interactions. We have to learn how to explore our own sexuality and our lovers’ bodies in ways that are empowering and truthful and beautiful for all involved. And we must learn how to ask for consent and be completely gracious when consent is not given. This is powerful.

Click here to read more about this experience, and get in touch to find out how I can help you reclaim your lost masculinity and find the real power within you.

Male Escort

I’m Seani Love – a male sex worker for women based in London with many years experience and ample training making me one of the most successful male escorts for women in the world.

Male Escort Seani Love

I’m equally at ease taking you on erotic journeys into soft and beautiful nurturing spaces as well as something more dark and kinky and I often get my ropes and spanking paddles out for clients who want to explore these wonderful spaces. I am trained in and regularly practice many of the wonderful arts of sacred sexuality including Urban Tantra, Erotic Massage and Conscious Kink.

Some of the things that might happen during our time together include:

  • Sensual Massage / Erotic Massage / Tantra Massage
  • Love, nurturing and cuddles
  • Spanking, role play and getting the ropes out
  • Emotional connection and emotional release
  • Exploring your erotic fantasies