Male Empowerment

Some of the most important skills I share in my workshops and sessions involve supporting men step into their raw masculine power.

But at what cost?

We lose our power, our strength, our sexiness and reveal to potential partners only a tiny fraction of our raw, unadulterated beauty. And then, not really knowing ourselves, we can’t really complain when the people we want to date can’t see us and we end up going nowhere. Also the raw power tends to leak out of us anyway – in unhealthy, unchecked and sometimes dangerous ways.

Most men in today’s world have completely suppressed their power in order to conform to society’s unhealthy projections of what it means to be a man today. In order to socialise, we men have had to squish many of the most powerful and most vital parts of us down. Unchecked raw masculinity can be dangerous, after all, and so hiding it can allow us to slot into certain parts of society almost seamlessly.

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Reclaiming The Masculine

I guide my clients into creating custom rituals, shamanic journeys and other conscious explorations of raw masculinity, in order to help them step into and reclaim suppressed power.

Journeys involve talking, feeling emotion and releasing pain, roaring, being called on your unhealthy patterns and taking powerful control of your own body and sexuality. During ritual work we accessing one or more of the archetypes where masculine power lies. The ‘king’, ‘warrior’, ‘lover’ and ‘beast’ archetypes are the most useful here, We might also work with godforms from certain mythologies as we dive in.

Consent And Boundaries

As men we absolutely must learn how to communicate our desires and intentions. We must learn how to communicate about our boundaries and how to ask for consent without losing the flow in our erotic interactions. We have to learn how to explore our own sexuality and our lovers’ bodies in ways that are empowering and truthful and beautiful for all involved. And we must learn how to ask for consent and be completely gracious when consent is not given. This is powerful.

We must embrace our light *and* our darkness in order to find wholeness and thus be powerful men on the face of the Earth. We must own our bullshit and we must know how to be real with emotions when they rise up. Only when we are really empowered will we be able to live the lives we want, attract the partners we deserve and be fully engaged in life with the fullness of our beings..

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