Masculinity 2.0: Online conference

I was super happy to be invited to be a part of the Masculinity 2.0 online conference happening in 2 weeks time. I had the interview last week with dear Ottokar Lehrner. We spoke about the power and beauty of men owning our darker more animalistic aspects, our inner predator and my interview is called Love And Power.

You see my experience is that many men have our deepest power squished early on. This is important as when we’re younger these bits are unconscious & they can come out in dangerous ways. It’s for the benefit of community that these parts are kept in check. But if we never integrate these parts consciously we remain diminished and lack power, will, embodiment and sexiness. So our duty to ourselves is to explore and reclaim these parts of ourselves, integrate them so that we can be fully empowered beings, our animal nature neither allowed to take over unconsciously nor squished out of existence.

The presentation is largely gendered and of course it won’t be relevent to everyone but if this topic speaks to you check out my talk at the link below. There’s about 20 other speakers involved in Masculinity 2.0 (some talks are in German, the others are in English)

More details here 👉