Kisses And Cuddles

In a Kisses and Cuddles session, we get up close and intimate at your own pace. We really take our time to connect and nothing is rushed. This is your chance to be held, be seen, be loved and listened to by someone strong in their masculine. This is your chance to explore all aspects of your beautiful erotic self and we have the added emotional security of knowing for certain that there is no direct genital contact.


In a Kisses and Cuddles session, we choose not to have any direct genital contact and this gives us lots of extra layers of safety. It is really beautiful to be held and loved and get cozy together.  We maintain the no genital contact boundary throughout the session to protect us both whilst still allowing us to have lots of juiciness together. Kisses and Cuddles is where we can really share intimacy together and share deep and loving beautiful moments.

And hey, if sexual impulses come, there’s always next time 

Please contact me to discuss our first date.