Exploring Shadow Tantra – Byron Bay

A two-day journey exploring the erotic shadows of the psyche with powerful tools of intimacy and connection as well as lighthearted fun!

Our erotic shadow is often suppressed both personally and culturally. Our darker desires: to control or be controlled, to release something of our inner beast or slut; to live with wild s3xual abandon and similar unrestrained impulses can bring with them levels of shame and confusion. There is a huge fear that if we explore these archetypal qualities we will become lost, out of control, shamed, disrespected, or somehow not an OK person.

And yet, these archetypes are rich sources of love, power and self-knowledge and bring with them powerful opportunities for healing, empowerment and personal growth. By exploring our erotic shadows, we are taking a lit candle into the more hidden recesses of our psyches, shining a light on our inner motivations and thus learning more about who we truly are.

In practical terms, Shadow Tantra is about combining conscious s3xuality practices with mindfulness, Conscious Kink, neo tantra, ritual and BDSM. We will spend the first day exploring and setting personal boundaries allowing these to come from heart and body as much as from mind. Consent and boundaries, and good communication are the foundations of this kind of work. Only once we are sure that all present are capable of expressing and asserting our boundaries, can we start to explore within the spheres of the erotic shadow using BDSM techniques.

Shadow Tantra offers opportunities for exploring the deepest recesses of the psyche, powerful tools of intimacy and connection as well as frivolous light-hearted fun (and everything in between!)

This workshop explicitly welcomes people from our LGBTQ+ communities. There won’t be any heterosexual gender pairing in any individual exercise during the workshop.

This event is an opportunity to:

  • Safely and consciously access erotic shadow impulses and desires.
  • Work with archetypes for healing and empowerment.
  • Work with and consciously explore energy.
  • Create erotic rituals for exploration and growth.
  • Bring intention and opportunities for healing into s3xuality practices.
  • Get a solid sense of boundaries and how to clearly communicate them.
  • Negotiate embodied consent around differences in level and personal preferences.
  • Explore and learn through expertly facilitated exercises.


This is a rare opportunity to experience and learn from Seani Love, an international facilitator, who is briefly visiting Byron Bay during his time in Australia.

Seani Love (he/him) has been teaching erotic ritual techniques to clients, private groups, couples and workshops since 2010. A long-term explorer in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘S3x Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015. His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neotantra, and many other disciplines. His sessions and workshops enable his clients to go on profound journeys into their inner worlds, helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves. www.seanilove.com

Seani will be doing a limited number of private sessions while in Byron Bay. Contact him directly for details.


Heide Getrost (she/her) is a passionate s3xuality practitioner who guides people towards s3xual empowerment, self-discovery and liberation of their erotic selves. As a certified sexological bodyworker and somatic s3x educator, she combines tantric teachings, sacred s3xuality, and conscious kink to cultivate a deeper connection with the body, expand pleasure and facilitate profound transformation.

Mikey Haslett (he/him) is an educator and facilitator in kink and BDSM, blending tantric principles into his sessions and workshops. With 5 years as a dungeon master, he fosters fulfilment, connection, and exploration. He also takes pleasure in creating custom wood and leather BDSM gear and furniture.

Together as Loving Deeper, they coach and teach tantra and conscious kink infused with their unique balance of the masculine, feminine and their loving presence. They create a fun and safe educational space for seekers to explore their tantric and kinky edges. They host regular events in the Northern Rivers.


Saturday 2nd:10am-10:00pm AEST

Sunday 3rd: 10am-6pm AEST

Please arrive between between 9.30am and 9:45am on the first day to ensure we are all settled in and able to start on time. If you arrive after 10am it is possible that we have closed the door – make sure to arrive on time to avoid any disappointment and please let us know if you’re going to be late.

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The venue is set on a private hinterland property which is 10 minutes drive from Byron Bay or Mullumbimby. Exact address details given upon booking. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

If you are travelling by van it is possible to park on the property and use their amenities for an additional $15 per person. Camping with tents is not available.


To keep costs down and make this event accessible for all budgets it is not fully catered, but there will be a simple lunch available on the days, and dinner on Saturday night. We invite you to bring a dish to share or bring snacks for the day, especially if you have specific dietary requirements.


Early Bird: $395 AUD (Ending 12th Aug)

Standard: $496 AUD

A limited number of concession places are available at this workshop. For further information please call Heide on 0423224376.

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“As a newbie to conscious kink and conscious kink spaces, and attending knowing no one, with a trauma history I was concerned may be triggered and overwhelm me, I was repeatedly hugely and happily surprised. Consent was central. Vulnerability, wobbles, and confusions, were welcomed and held and loved. Each team member brought their gifts and the space was so, so, so well held. I had experiences I have never had before, found parts of me I didn’t know were there, and found ways to deepen intimacy with other amazing humans.” ~ Kitty

“I have de-clawed the daemons of my past, spanked them soundly and put them to bed. I’ve found a new language, a new confidence and understanding of control, consent and respect within the world of kink, which will serve me well in all aspects of my life. It’s a start, a foundation and one which I can’t wait to build on.. ~ Greig McArthur


Q: Do I need a partner?

A: No you don’t need a partner. You are welcome to come alone or with partner(s). There will be exercises where you are encouraged to work with others, but you are welcome to work with the person you came with for any exercise.

Q: Do you have concession pricing?

A: Yes we have a small number of concession places available. Please contact Heide to enquire.

Q: Do you cater for people with disabilities?

A: This venue is wheelchair accessible. Please note that most people will be sitting on the floor or standing up for exercises – if you need a chair to sit on or you have access or mobility needs that you’d like us to know about please email the teaching team at eroticmysteries@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to tailor the workshop to you.

Q: How s3xual is this event?

A: This is a space in which some s3xual activity could happen and is allowable.

Q: What is the age limit?

A: There is no upper age limit. Our minimum age for workshops is 18. Ages of attendees varies between event and location, but you can expect an age range of 20-65.

Q: Is this a queer friendly workshop?

A: Yes – definitely! All gender and s3xuality expressions are welcome. We don’t ‘gender match’ at this workshop and all genders are actively encouraged to play and practice with other genders.

This is a drug and alcohol free event.


If you can’t make it:

Tickets are transferable to other people of the same gender (please get in touch if you are GNC/non-binary to discuss other transfer options if you cannot find someone to swap with). Please note that it is the attendee’s responsibility to find someone to transfer their ticket to.

If you can’t find a replacement for yourself, refunds are as follows:

  • 14 or more days before the event: 80% refund
  • 7-13 days before the event: 60% refund
  • 2-6 days before the event: 50% refund
  • Less than 48 hours before event: no refund possible


For further information about this event please call Heide on 0423224376.