The Boyfriend Experience

A Boyfriend Experience is the ultimate in shared intimacy. A Boyfriend Experience can often be about emotional opening, connecting and witnessing. It can be about shared vulnerability, and the whispering of hidden emotions and secret desires in a safe and sacred space. It involves cuddling up and being sweet and cozy together and the sharing of genuine emotion and connection. Click here to get in touch if you’re interested in this experience x x

Sex And Love

Ah the joys of sexual pleasure, of sharing intimate moments of connection, making love and journeying together. The deep pleasure of sensual touch, erotic play and being met are some of life’s greatest joys.

These sessions can be deeply sexual, erotic and nurturing with as much or as little kink as you desire. So many people have never had their deepest sexual desires met and many people have never even expressed their desires out loud to another person. What a tragedy that we’ve had to suppress our true desires for so long! Thankfully, society’s judgments about human sexual desire are eroding fast and we are moving into a world where your desires can be expressed and explored in beautiful, pleasurable ways.

The focus of a Boyfriend Experience is never going to be on ‘healing’, but the very act of having your pleasure-based needs met can be deeply healing anyway. There are so many possibilities. Simply by requesting to be touched or held in a certain way and having your request met can be profoundly rewarding.

Your boundaries and mine will be established at the start of the session and will be respectfully honoured at all times. Tell me what you’d like to experience and together we’ll create a space where we can create these experiences with integrity, depth and passion.

The Kinky Boyfriend

I love combining kink with intimacy – it’s one of the most beautiful ways to explore with a lover. I normally play the dominant role in such liaisons. We can engage in spanking, rope play, and other forms of surrender. Let me know what you’d like to explore and we can open you up to a world of possibility. I love taking you on journeys into your beauty and depths and really making your soul shine.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for some intimacy in your life, please get in touch and we can arrange an initial session of exploring intimate space together. I look forward to hearing from you <3