I’m in Cosmo!

Delighted to be featured in Cosmopolitan’s article on male escorts  The full article is online here at the Press Reader website but here’s some tasty screen shots for your arousal <3

Lad Bible

Did you see that I was recently in lots of media around the world? Check out this article about my work on Ladbible! LadBible certainly is a fun outlet but they got their source from the Daily Mail who seemed to distort what I had to say. They asked how many clients I had and I said “I’ve done about 1000 client sessions”… The Daily Mail turned this into “1000 women paid to sleep with this man” which is a massive distortion; ahhhhhh. Should never trust them… But anyway, I hope the media switches lots of people onto the joys of conscious sexuality, conscious kink and the sex workers’ rights movement. As for me, more exciting media news coming soon…

Touch Me Not

I was thrilled to play a role in the film TOUCH ME NOT, winner of the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival!

‘Tell me how you loved me, so I understand how to love.’ Together, a filmmaker and her characters venture into a personal research project about intimacy. On the fluid border between reality and fiction, Touch Me Not follows the emotional journeys of Laura, Tómas and Christian, offering a deeply empathic insight into their lives. Craving for intimacy yet also deeply afraid of it, they work to overcome old patterns, defense mechanisms and taboos, to cut the cord and finally be free.

Touch Me Not looks at how we can find intimacy in the most unexpected ways, at how to love another without losing ourselves. – taken from the Berlin Film Festival website.

In the film Laura meets an assortment of characters including a male sex worker specialising in Conscious Kink – this is played by me. Have you seen the film yet?

You can read about me in The Times or Cosmopolitan Magazine to find out more about my work.

Also Touch Me Not, The Intimate Revolution, Symposium x 3, Bev, that Munich mob, LadBible

The Times

I was delighted to be interviewed by The Times for their special on male sex workers! Read more below and find the full article on The Times website.

His place or yours? The rise of the male sexpert

‘They’re highly professional. They charge thousands for their services. And their field of expertise is women and sex. Charlotte Edwardes finds out exactly what these men offer (pretty much everything, it seems)

Seani Love is 47. He believes the biggest problem for women in sex is the complete breakdown of communication in the bedroom. “Most men are not educated to ask what their lovers want and their lovers are not empowered enough to specify.

“But I don’t want to put the blame entirely on men,” he says. “There is a lack of education around sex in general. And women are often preconditioned to want to please.”

While Uddin’s whole ethos is headlined “sacred-sexual awakening”, Love is more straight down the line, catering for everything from straightforward penetration to kink, S&M and bondage.

I meet him at teatime in a smart hotel in Covent Garden, where he looks mildly uncomfortable in his jeans and threat of stubble (later on, he speeds off to meet someone in All Bar One). He asks the waiter for breath mints and a flat white coffee. His manner is gentle and chivalrous – he offers me the lion’s share of the biscuits and whips out a credit card at maximum speed when I am momentarily unable to find mine – and speaks in a low, shy way with a light Australian accent (he grew up in Sydney).

Aside from his workshops, his private client operation works like this: people contact him mostly through Twitter and Facebook (although he also has a website). They pay a deposit of £100 and then organise a first meeting. Sometimes it’s in a hotel or restaurant, but he is most comfortable at home in Leyton because he knows where the “lube and teabags” are and where he has a special room – “not my bedroom”. He also provides chocolates.

Love won’t have sex on a first “date” because he needs to establish whether the chemistry is there. “It’s a bit different for male sex workers,” he says coyly. “Things need to work.” For the same reason, he only has sex with one client in a day and the minimum booking time is three hours. This, he points out, is the striking difference between male and female sex work.’

More on The Times website. You might need to register…

Whores of Yore

I had the chance to write for Whores Of Yore and of course I took up the offer! Whores of Yore is run by the amazing Kate Lister, a historian of all things sex-related including the history of sex work. Be sure to check out her Whores Of Yore website and my article on it. Here’s a snippet…

Think only women sell sex? Or that women don’t buy sexual services from men? Think again. Sex worker of the year 2015, the awesome Seani Love, shares his unique insight into being a cis-gendered, heterosexual male sex worker, and his female clients. 

The Sacred Shadow Podcast

I was interviewed by the amazing Dr Martha Lee in Singapore for her Eros Evolution show on Om Times Radio. We had a great conversation about the importance of understanding and integrating our erotic shadows and about my work as a male escort.

I come on at about the 3 minute mark. Have a listen here: http://podcast.omtimes.com/mobile/e/the-sacred-shadow-with-seani-love

In The Hottub with Monique Roffey

This evening I got in the hottub with Monique Roffey, Suzanne Noble and Rose Rouse to talk all things Tantra, Sex Work, erotic writing and more. Suzanne made a film of the event which you can watch here:


Versopolis Magazine

This Month the wonderful Rosie Heart and I are in Versopolis Magazine.


Versopolis: What kind of clients do you have and what are their preferences?

Seani Love: Serving women erotically requires me to be highly emotionally engaged, capable of deep conversation, deep knowledge of my own sexuality and I have to know how to construct and maintain fantasy. Biologically speaking, a woman’s arousal system is different to a man’s and takes more time to tune into. Whether it be a kink journey, exploring love and intimacy, emotional coldness, surrender or my own lust, something exploratory, different women do have their different preferences. The younger ones are generally more about exploring, older ones more often know what they want and are less afraid of asking for it.

Rosie Heart:  My clients come from all kind of backgrounds and are mostly above 30 years old. They include men off course, but also women, transgender people and couples. They basically all look for intimacy. So many people are not really seen and touched in their daily life. They wear masks the whole day: the manager, the dad, the friend, etcetera. With me, they get to be just themselves for a while. They get to be loved, seen and touched without having to perform in any way. For many that is a truly profound experience.

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