Professional Development for
Sexuality Practitioners

“I received a wonderful session off Seani Love today, helping me connect with different archetypes, and then offer the energy of these archetypes to another. A very powerful couple of hours that was both insightful, left me vibrating with energy, and gave me some beautiful new practices to work with!” ~ a lovely testimonial about a session where I showed different ways to access certain archetypes and how these can be used in client work from Rose Cathryn Jiggens of Tantra 4 Tigers

I am now offering a host of services for sexuality and spirituality professionals and for people hoping to enter these professions. These are hands-on sessions where I teach you the skills in these wonderful fields I’ve learned over the years.

If you wish to take your clients on deeper journeys using the tools of Conscious Kink, erotic ritual, archetypes and more, if you’ve realised there are healing aspects to sexuality and you’d like to learn about them or if you just want to increase your skills and ability to self-care whilst working in the industry, please get in touch so we can discuss the options.

About me

I’ve been exploring all aspects of conscious sexuality, Tantric sex, BDSM, Conscious Kink and ritual for nearly 25 years. I am one of the founders of The School of Erotic Mysteries; a school which runs various classes, workshops and events enabling participants to explore the erotic in a safe and powerful way leading to greater depths of erotic potential, self-knowledge and personal empowerment. I’m also trained in Spiritual Counselling and Ritual Theatre and am a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra; a beautiful system of Sacred Sexuality as devised and taught by the wonderful Barbara Carrellas.

Please be in touch if you would like a professional development session and learn how to take your clients on deeper, more profound journeys or to simply experience these beautiful arts for yourself.