Media: Versopolis Magazine Interview

This Month the wonderful Rosie Heart and I are in Versopolis Magazine.


Versopolis: What kind of clients do you have and what are their preferences?

Seani Love: Serving women erotically requires me to be highly emotionally engaged, capable of deep conversation, deep knowledge of my own sexuality and I have to know how to construct and maintain fantasy. Biologically speaking, a woman’s arousal system is different to a man’s and takes more time to tune into. Whether it be a kink journey, exploring love and intimacy, emotional coldness, surrender or my own lust, something exploratory, different women do have their different preferences. The younger ones are generally more about exploring, older ones more often know what they want and are less afraid of asking for it.

Rosie Heart:  My clients come from all kind of backgrounds and are mostly above 30 years old. They include men off course, but also women, transgenders and couples. They basically all look for intimacy. So many people are not really seen and touched in their daily life. They wear masks the whole day: the manager, the dad, the friend, etcetera. With me, they get to be just themselves for a while. They get to be loved, seen and touched without having to perform in any way. For many that is a truly profound experience.

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