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True Love comes in many forms So I’ve been teaching Sacred Kink & Shadow Tantra workshops all weekend to people of many different genders in a queer-friendly, sex-positive space somewhere in Melbourne. (Amazing weekend but that’s the topic of another thread).

I’ve only just had a chance to watch the stinkin Tropfest short film Bamboozled that took first prize. What an absolute embarrassment! A dangerous, ludicrous, unfunny film apparently made by homophobic, transphobic idiots whose senses of humour haven’t evolved past schoolboy playground where laughing at bullying is somehow socially acceptable. What the fuck is with that? How can such a film be considered for a prize when really there’s nothing witty, funny or original in it anyway?

If you haven’t seen it, “haha he slept with a man and he loved it” is the homophobic gay-shaming punchline. How is this the best Australia can offer up in a short film? I mean, I think I heard this kind of line used to try to insult people 25 years ago when I was in school. It didn’t work as an insult or a punchline then either.

I hope as a species and a culture we continue evolve and become more consciously aware of the many different experiences different people have around gender and sexuality. For many, the journey through gender is a massive challenge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our film makers shone a light on these challenges rather than ridiculing people who don’t fit into the typical heteronormative gender binary?

The film is stupid and ugly and barely worth any depth of critique. A male is tricked into sleeping with another male and there’s a woman in it who has been carrying a grudge for over 10 years. What more needs to be said? At such times, I like to think there is always a way of turning something like this into a positive. One way of turning this around is to take a moment and express our collective love and solidarity for all people who might exist outside the typical gender roles. I’m fascinated by the different drives, sexualities, genders and experiences different people have. Aren’t you?

Maybe this film is a great conversation-starter leading to people around Australia (and beyond) to discuss the possibilities that there are many different genders that people have and that all genders are wonderful. If people think a film like this is prize-worthy, then it’s time to expand the scope of these conversations around the globe.

Let us quickly learn that people are different and that these differences can be explored beautifully and consciously. The thought of ridiculing someone for their sexuality is so very foreign to me and so I thought I’d take a few moments to express my solidarity with all people who have different experiences on the gender spectrum. Rather than humiliation, wouldn’t it be so much better if all consensual experiences with gender and sexuality were welcomed and embraced?

Love, Seani

ps – I’ve been alerted to this public petition asking TropFest and Matt Hardie to issue a public apology. Please sign.

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One thought on “TropFest SlopFest

  • DK Green (aka DKLeather)

    Absolutely succinctly brilliant ‘review’. Thanks Seani. You rock. They suck. Nuff said.
    (DK feeling not terribly impressed or requiring of erudite intelligence to repudiate such rubbish, but glad you did) x

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