Melbourne: ‘The Magic of Sacred Kink & Shadow Tantra’

Sacred Kink comes to Melbourne

“The Magic of Sacred Kink & Shadow Tantra”

Thurs Dec 5th: Intro Evening 7pm-10pm

Sat Dec 7th: Mastering the Foundations 10.30am-7pm

Sun Dec 8th: Archetypes & Experiences 10.30am-7pm

All events are at a private Yoga & Fitness Studio in Reservoir.
Booking Page (All Options): (Online bookings are essential)

Seani Love is an Australian-born, London-based, professional dominant, shadow healer and shamanic practitioner. He has twenty years of experience in diverse magical traditions, and has trained in ritual theatre, counselling and Urban Tantra. Since 2006 he has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to personal evolution.

Both days offer rich opportunities to immerse oneself in this remarkable expansive environment for both pleasure and personal development. Both will be a blend of teachings and experiential practices.

The Saturday is a stand-alone workshop suitable both for interested folk with little or no experience and more experienced people. This day consists of basic teachings, exercises and practices suitable for those that simply want to drop into rich practical experiences of how this realm works and comes alive.

The second day opens up longer practices and short ritual experiences. Come to know your own personal archetypes more deeply and evoke wider archetypal energies to enhance your self-expression and courage to fully be yourself in the world.
(Some people with prior experience may attend just the Sunday if its impossible for them to do the whole weekend. If thats you please apply directly rather than booking.)

On Thursday there will be an Introductory evening (Cost: $20/15):
For More info on this experiential evening, and to FB invite your curious friends:

Seani Love at work with Anima. Photo: Iain Maclachlan

Seani Love at work with Anima. Photo: Iain Maclachlan


Saturday Only
Earlybird (by 17 Nov) $80
Standard (by end Nov) $95
Late Booking (Dec) $110

Whole Weekend
Earlybird (by 17 Nov) $140
Standard (by end Nov) $175
Late Booking (Dec) $210

More info on the single-day (Saturday) option (and some general extra info on Sun too)

Booking Page (All Options):
If you book online for the Thursday eve and then decide you would like to do the Saturday or weekend, you can pay only the standard cost (not the late booking cost)

Spread the word incentive:
There’s a place when you book to say who recommended this. If someone says you recommended them to the evening you get a $10 refund off your booking. A $20 refund for someone who books Saturday, $30 for the whole weekend, and $40 for everything.

(In the context of Seani’s work, ‘ritual’ and ‘sacred’ mean structured intentional experiences to explore certain energies. It is possible to do this from a Pagan perspective or from a Psychodrama perspective or any points in between. No belief in the ‘spirit world’ and ‘religion’ or anything else is required.)

The aim is for participants to walk away with:
– A greater ability to know and express their sexual selves with sensitivity and clarity, and without shame and guilt;
– Detailed understanding of how to engage in the realms of conscious kink safely and responsibly, with powerful communication and clarity;
– A lived awareness of the value of sacred ritual, and the use of Conscious BDSM tools, practices and perspectives in that framework;
– Experiential understanding of the healing power of using archetypes as ways to safely tap into your authentic but unexpressed aspects;
– More grounded personal power and self-confidence.

Seani is being hosted in Melbourne by Shadowplay and by Tender ‘n’ Raw – Health & Wellbeing Studio For Women.

Post by Seani LOve.
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