Testimonial: Shadow Tantra Workshop Melbourne

I’m receiving some beautiful testimony from participants at my recent Sacred Kink and Shadow Tantra workshop series in Melbourne.

Here’s what one attendee, Larissa Wright had to say:

I don’t know how I could ever express my gratitude to Seani enough. I have just emerged from a life-changing weekend that has blown me away – I’ve gone deep inside myself, explored bravely and consciously those shadow aspects that have impeded so many parts of my life from behind the scenes, faced up to the dysfunctional bits and transformed them into empowering tools that will now be used for my own progress – not abused by other people who know how to control them. I was so beautifully held, loved, and supported through an intense and sometimes confronting process, and have come out the other side lighter, happier, more whole, and with a heart full of joy and gratitude. Thank you <3 Thank you <3 Thank you <3

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