Shadow Tantra (workshop review)

A wonderful review of my December 2013 Shado Tantra review in Melbourne!!

I’ve been to several of the Shadow Tantra workshops facilitated by Seani Love and highly recommend them. Very transformative, supported, educational experience. Held in a really safe space, respectful of all genders, attractions, pronouns etc. Really accessible for people of all levels experience. High focus on consent. Place holders are available to step in to any exercise if you need to step out for any reason. Opportunity to journey as deep into yourself and connect with others as much as you are comfortable. Really accepting, non judgemental space. Last time I went along for a brief taster workshop and ended up going to the whole weekend. Worth the investment. I met some amazing people at the last one and discovered and grew a lot in myself. Can’t wait to journey and play again.

Thanks for your wonderful words Vivian FlameCoeur!



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