Shadow Tantra Testimonial from Shaney

I was delighted when I learnt Melbourne-based Tantrika Shaney Marie was coming to my Shadows of Tantra event last week! And I’m very chuffed that she had such wonderful words to say about the event afterwards:

I was super impressed with Seani’s Shadow Tantra evening. There was a underground nature to it that left me feeling excited and privileged, as if i was participating in a beautiful cultural movement (which I was!)

I really like the constant reminders of consent because it maintained a safe container for all and I was especially impressed with the way in which Seani held the space. It flowed perfectly and naturally, it wasn’t contrived…It felt very authentic.

His wisdom and variety of practices left me wanting more! The evening triggered me just enough to contemplate and work through some blockages around judgement.

Thank you Seani for creating a space to allow a deepening into my own practice and to be witness to what is keeping me from shining brighter.

Warmest, Shaney

Thank you Shaney! All my blessings to you <3

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