Sex Magic – Session Series Testimonial


Sex Magic with Seani Love.

I met Seani for the first time on the first School of Erotic Mysteries workshop he ran with Rebecca. I was drawn to his voice and playful magical nature. Accepting his offer of sessions seemed to be the right thing to do, and it was.

We spent some time connecting. Exploring where I was at and wanted to go, what he could offer and how we would know when to adjust the process. I left the contracting session further convinced I was in safe loving hands, thrilled and ready to go deep.

Sections of my developmental journey keep occurring in threes and with this in mind the universe orchestrated that I would have a trio of sessions, each with its own distinct structure and purpose. I only cottoned on mid way between session two and three.

In session one my Babygirl needed her Daddy to be proud of her and make her giggle. Daddy was so good to me, making me feel loved and adored. I wanted to be a Fairy Princess and for Daddy to be a Magical Wizard so Daddy played my game. I granted Daddy’s wishes and he made me magic. We had so much fun! He caste magic spell and made me laugh so much I couldn’t breathe. It was exactly what I needed to shake the sadness of the past and present time.

When I came for session two I had grown from Babygirl into the young adult who had experienced sexual assaults. Strangely I was both aware and unaware of my need to re-process these traumas through Sex Magic. We wrapped the experience within an opening and closing ritual, which enabled me to feel contained whilst letting go. We played with a variety of rape scenes, Seani consistently guiding and gently pushing me closer to my limit, sensing when I was ready to take the process up a gear. I knew I needed to be pushed through my defiance to breaking and as soon as the pain and tears came Seani scooped me up, held me tight and balanced the intensity with soothing acceptance.

In session three I was fully me, the adult me that I am today. Seani met me on a level and we enjoyed each other’s company as equals. All be it equals playing a delicious dominant / submissive game. Knowing how I love to be tied up and abused with excess pleasure he simultaneously took and worshiped my power, and yet more magic was made.

Each session provided me with the deep healing I was seeking whilst also being hilarious fun. In addition to the beautiful face-to-face connections I had with Seani he blessed my heart with loving kindness between sessions through checking in in various forms. I honestly couldn’t recommend the healing touch of Seani Love more. It’s been a joy and a privilege.

I’d get yourself a piece of Seani Love pie as soon as you can if I were you.

R xxx

Thank you for your wonderful words R. It’s been amazing to have been a part of your journey. You rock! For others who want to explore this type of journey and exploration of their own inner archetypes, please get in touch.

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