Kink Coaching for Couples



How can Conscious Kink benefit you as a couple? Do you or your partner have kinky impulses, but you’re not sure how to get started? How can you bring kink into your bedroom (or relationship) when one of you is more kinky than the other?


Do you ever think

  • I’m scared to start exploring kink because I don’t know my own strength” 
  • “I don’t know what will be unleashed if I look at these parts of myself” 
  • “I have some fantasies I want to explore but I’m afraid that they will change the nature of my relationship with my partner”

Whether you want to learn to tie each other up, explore spanking, or learn how to safely explore domination and submission, together we can create  custom learning sessions that suits your personal erotic journey.

The benefits of exploring Conscious Kink include deeper intimacy, greater sexual pleasure and personal growth. Exploring kink is also a wonderful way to get to know each other better and to safely explore long-buried aspects of your relationship.


Couples participating in sessions can be of any gender. A Kink Coaching session can be for partners in a long-term relationship, casual lovers, or simply two people who want to explore their kinks with a friend.

My gift and skill is to show you how to explore Conscious Kink safely, beautifully and deeply. I will show you how you can explore your own erotic inner worlds and bring a new magic and dynamism to your existing sexual relationship.

Sessions last 3 hours and can take place at my place or yours. Please message me to make a booking or to ask about possibilities.

Photo credits:

  1. ‘Prepare’ by Leela Sky featuring myself and Helena May
  2. ‘Domination’ by Jo Tabe featuring myself and Rosie Heart
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