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I’ve just been interviewed by Julie from The CoCreative Summit in Vancouver. Have a watch and hopefully we’ll see some of you there ❣


A Solstice Special: Going into the inner darkness! Let’s demystify Kink and BDSM today with this man.

A Solstice Special: Going into the inner darkness! Let’s demystify Kink and BDSM today with this man.

Meet Seani Love.

The humble king of Conscious Kink. I met him through my interview process for Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope. And what blew me away with Seani is his groundedness, his warmth, and his honesty. He offers his workshops to enthusiastic people in London, Berlin, Prague, Melbourne, amongst many other destinations across the Globe. He teaches the art of using some of your edges to enhance and spice up your sex life, but also the power of space holding for healing and transformation.
He covers many topics which include establishing solid boundaries so that people actually feel safe dropping into deeper places. Once that is established, he teaches tools and techniques of Conscious Kink and BDSM that allow people to experience the wonders unique to this modality. Through erotic techniques, and shamanic journeying, his participants get to reclaim those parts that are otherwise lost.
His ultimate commitment is in leading people to places of power, self-love, and greater self-knowledge. This man is a wealth of knowledge and love. No other way than an expanded world after working with him.
On the 14-16th of February, he will be with us at the CoCreativeSex Summit to present his empowering work.
Nothing like being in the presence of humble masters to give you the keys to the kingdom.
Be with us!
Until the 10th of January, you can gift your love life with a generous Holiday Special. Get the All-Inclusive Summit Pass, selling at 750$, for only 411$. It’s a steal!
Only available until the 10th of January! I don’t want you to miss this tremendous opportunity for growth.
Love Julie

Posted by Julie Archambault on Sunday, 22 December 2019

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