Conscious Kink & Shadow Tantra in Melbourne, December 2014

School of Erotic Mysteries Presents

I’m really excited that I’ve been invited to return to Brunswick in Melbourne this December where I’ll be running more workshops on Kink, ritual, Shadow and Tantra.

Three separate yet interweaving events are on offer:

1) Thurs Dec 11 (6.30-10.15pm): ‘Meet Seani Love: Shadow Practitioner’ 
2) Sat Dec 13 (10.30am-6.30pm): ‘The Journey of Conscious Kink’
3) Sun Dec 14 (10.30am-6.30pm): ‘The Mysteries of Shadow Tantra’

Thurs Dec 11 (6.30-10.15pm): ‘Meet Seani Love: Shadow Practitioner’
A fun and fascinating intro night to Seani’s work. And a great little social evening for those already familiar with this field.

Sat Dec 13th (10.30am-6.30pm): The Journey of Conscious Kink
An intermediate event, suitable for beginners and those with experience who want to refine/expand their skills. Looking not just at gaining a good basic understanding of the practical foundational skills, but also journeying the expansive, transformational potential of shadow sharings. Very experiential, and also incorporating some rich philosophical discussions about the nature and value of this path of self-discovery. There is no nudity or direct sexual contact at this event.
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Sun Dec 14th (10.30am-6.30pm): ‘The Mysteries of Shadow Tantra’
A facilitated archetypal, magical exploration into more of the erotic-esoteric. How to hold and explore these realms as a very deep personal journey. Using the tools of Tantra, Conscious Kink/BDSM, and Shadow Archetypes, this event is about creating safe and conscious ritual (intentional/clearly framed) spaces to look within, explore what we find there, integrate those things and emerge more whole and empowered. Supporting each other through communication, witnessing, debriefing, and finding and honoring of boundaries.
Teachings and sharings will frame a largely experiential day. Whilst erotic energy may well be part of your experiences, this is a facilitated workshop, not a play party. There will be no direct sexual contact and this is a sexual health conscious environment. Later in the day some participants may choose to be partially undressed or to dress more ritualistically. Clothing options that evoke an aspect of your shadow or erotic journey are encouraged as is use of your imagination.
Pre-requisites – the previous day’s event or substantiated experience by application.
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Thurs only: Online: $20. [On door: $30]
Sat only: Earlybird (by end Nov) $120. Standard (Dec) $150
Weekend pass: Earlybird (by end Nov) $230. Standard (Dec) $280 (This includes free entry on the Thursday)

Venue: a new personal development workshop space close to Lygon/Glenlyon junction. Details provided on booking.

For more details, please contact my hosts in Melbourne on:

Hosted by: Shadowplay: School of Shadow Tantra

Looking forward to seeing you again! Click through to see the full flyer:

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