My Training

My professional training is long and varied and has included many courses, workshops and teachers.

I started exploring the Western Mystery Tradition of ritual and mystical understanding in 1991 and I’ve been exploring BDSM, kink and sacred sexuality for just as long.


  1. I’m a certified Sacred Sexuality Practitioner as taught by one of my favourite people, Rebecca Lowrie
  2. I have a Certificate of Mastery from the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program as taught by the wonderful Barbara Carrellas
  3. Two years studying Spiritual Counselling at Sweet Track Counselling, Glastonbury and I have my Certificate in Counselling Studies awarded by the CPCAB

Other Training (non certified) :

  1. Mapping The Underworld (Shamanic BDSM) workshop with Raven Kaldera
  2. Radical Ecstasy with Dossie Easton. I’ve done this training twice, in London and Dublin
  3. Academy of Fools – I spent three years here learning theatre, especially different methods of interacting with the archetypal worlds.
  4. Soul Retrieval (Core Shamanism) course with Zoe Bran.
  5. Golden Phoenix – Qabalah, The Golden Dawn Systems and the sex magic of Aleister Crowley

Courses and workshops I’ve run in the past twelve months (and am happy to run again)

  1. Shamanic BDSM – the combination of working with shamanic practice and BDSM technique
  2. Getting Conscious With Kink – exploring the power of combining Sacred Sexuality with a journey into kink
  3. Sexual Alchemy – assistant to teacher Rebecca Lowrie on this workshop series
  4. Conscious Kink for Sexuality Professionals – co-teacher with Ruby May of the Sacred Kink Academy
  5. Ritual Theatre – learning how to invite different spirits/archetypes in and ways to communicate with them

I also have numerous peers and friends who are also practitioners that I haven’t studied directly with but have learned a great deal from. I include in this list: Artemisia De Vine, Sir Claire Black, Ruby May, Cathryn Jiggens, Amanda Gay-Love, Helena May, Lilith Wildwood,  Felix Ruckert, David Bloom, Dakini Cat, Lee Harrington, Beth Wallace & Jason Tantra. Please check out their websites to find out more about their work.

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