Past Events

Keeping track of the workshops, retreats and festivals I’ve taught at.


March 15-16, Brighton, UK: Exploring Shadow Tantra weekend workshop.

Shadow Tantra is the practice of exploring our own darker impulses in order to gain self-knowledge, spiritual empowerment and expanded erotic possibilities. More details here. Please contact Hanna on for booking places. (Book here or see the event page on Facebook)

March 21, London: “Emergence: A Spring Equinox Celebration”

As the crocuses and bluebells emerge from the earth, so we come out of hibernation and embrace Spring at the Equinox. This is a fertile time to align our dreams and desires to the fresh new energies of the season. Come and celebrate amongst community as we shed what no longer serves us and set our intentions for the coming months.  More info  | Facebook invitation

April 5-6, London, UK: Sex and Space

Along with the School of Erotic Mysteries, I’ll be supporting David Bloom‘s workshop, Sex and Space. Join us!

April 12-13, PragueDay one: Introduction to Sacred Sexuality. Day two: Introduction to Sacred Kink.

I am really excited to be returning to Prague; a beautiful city with a lot of magical history. This time I’ll be running two one-day workshops: Introduction to Conscious Sexuality and Introduction to Conscious Kink. Join us! More info:  Czech version / English version / Facebook version … more Czech info here (includes video)

April 19-20, Copenhagen – Exploring Shadow Tantra

I am delighted to be returning to CHAI in Copenhagen for more exploring of the sacred and magical shadows within. More details on the CHAI website and on Facebook

April 26-27, London:, UK Getting Conscious With Kink weekend workshop

Are you curious about kink? Are you ready to explore a wider spectrum of erotic expression but not really sure where to start? Would you love to deepen trust, connection and communication in relationships? Book here or please contact Hanna at for more details.

June 25-29, Sweden – Sexsibility Festival

I am delighted to have been invited to teach Conscious Kink at the Sexsibility Festival in Sweden this coming June. I taught in Sweden a couple of years ago (once with my dear colleague Ruby May and once on my own) and found the Swedish people to be really amazing and generous beings. Find out more about Sexsibility here and my workshop here.


July 11-13, Galway Ireland: Bliss Summer Festival

Join myself and many other teachers of conscious and sacred sexuality at this year’s Bliss Festival in Galway in Ireland. The line up looks amazing! Bliss Summer Festival is for 300 beautiful souls, with workshops, playshops, performances, delicious food, ritual & ceremony, music, dance, massage, yoga, meditation, art and more…

September 13-14, London: Introduction to the Erotic Mysteries

Partnering with the amazing Rebecca Lowrie, we are teaching this weekend workshop where we cover introductory concepts relating to exploring the Erotic Mysteries: ritual, safety, engaging with spirits and archetypes. More info on the School of Erotic Mysteries website.

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