Recommended Sexuality and Kink professionals

Rebecca Lowrie – My main mentor when I was making the shift into turning my life work into my profession. A fabulous teacher, great friend and highly insightful lady working from London and over Skype.

The School of Erotic Mysteries – The school that I run where we teach sacred sexuality, Sex Magick, Conscious Kink and other erotic arts and wonders.

Kali Chandra – the beautiful and exquisite Melbourne based Tantric Goddess is highly recommended.

Anna-Marie – Brighton-based magical Tantra practitioner serving beautiful sessions and profound journeys for men and women. Let her guide you home to yourself.

Tara Bliss – Erotic escapades and ecstatic encounters (London)

Ruby May – A beautiful love heart and sacred erotic trainer teaching in Berlin and across Europe. I had the joy of co-teaching a 4-day “Conscious Kink for Sexuality Professionals” In Sweden in 2012 and I was very impressed by her insights, courage and her understanding of all things erotic. Highly recommended.

Barbara Carrellas – the founder of the amazing system of Urban Tantra which I am a graduate of. Barbara is a wonderful educator, full of love and light and ready to share her skills with pleasure and love. Be sure to check out her work and you absolutely must do her course if you are in any way interested in working in the sex or Tantra industry.

Dakini Cat – an absolutely gorgeous Sacred Intimate and Tantra teacher based in Devon (UK). Heart-centred, profound and deeply healing.

Sir Claire Black – One of the most amazing practitioners of kink and BDSM that you’ve ever meet; based in Holloway in London


Queer Hearted – Sex positive events in London organised by the amazing Amanda Gaylove

Healers and Therapists

Benjamin Robinson – an amazing healer and workshop presenter and all round magical man. Sex positive, full of insights and a Reiki master (based in Bristol UK).

Amazing People

Chrissy Derbyshire – A brilliant proofreader and editor. When I’m confused about words in my blogs Chrissy will often help out. If you’re a writer needing support, be sure to check her out.

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