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Welcome to the homepage of Seani Love. I am an Australian-born, UK-based professional male escort offering private sessions for individuals and couples and you can often find me travelling around running workshops on my favourite topics: Conscious Kink, BDSM, ‘Sacred Sex’ practices and different combinations of these things.

I have been on a long journey through the worlds of kink, fetish and BDSM. From when I first had kinky fantasies and my confusion and denial of it all at that time; through to practising ‘unusual’ sex with select partners who were open to it, then coming out onto the public BDSM scene, starting a private Conscious Kink practice, getting more into one-on-one erotic sessions and now making a living out of facilitating other people’s journeys and helping people bring their erotic fantasies to life.

On these pages you will read about what I have to offer and what my skills are. Get in touch to ask any questions or to find out about booking one-on-one sessions when I’m in your area.

My Training

My professional training is long and varied and has included many courses, workshops and teachers.


  1. I’m a certified Sacred Sexuality Practitioner as taught by one of my favourite people, Rebecca Lowrie
  2. I have a Certificate of Mastery from the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program as taught by the wonderful Barbara Carrellas
  3. Two years studying Spiritual Counselling at Sweet Track Counselling, Glastonbury and I have my Certificate in Counselling Studies awarded by the CPCAB. I love the work of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers and their work really helps me understand and get into people’s erotic fantasies.
  4. In 2015, I won UK Sex Worker Of the Year. I believe this is largely to do with me making the world of Conscious Kink accessible to large numbers of people and have helped many people feel more at ease with their own sexuality.
  5. In 2020, I qualified as a Clinical Trauma Support Specialist at the Arizona Trauma Institute. I consider myself trauma-informed but I’m not a therapist in the field of trauma and if you need a therapist I am not the person for you.

Other Training (non certified) :

  1. Mapping The Underworld (Shamanic BDSM) workshop with Raven Kaldera
  2. Radical Ecstasy with Dossie Easton. I’ve done this training twice, in London and Dublin
  3. Academy of Fools – I spent three years here learning theatre, especially different methods of interacting with the archetypal worlds.
  4. Soul Retrieval (Core Shamanism) course with Zoe Bran.
  5. Golden Phoenix – Qabalah, The Golden Dawn Systems and the sex magic of Aleister Crowley

Other Teachers

I have learned a huge amount from many different people over the past 25 years. The list of folks who have imparted key knowledge to me is almost endless but I want to give thanks to some in particular:

  • Rebecca Lowrie (sacred sexuality, sexual alchemy),
  • Barbara Carrellas (Urban Tantra, Consent and Boundaries)
  • Sir Claire Black (tools of the trade)
  • Raven Kaldera (shamanic BDSM)
  • Artemisia Divine (archetypes and shadow work),
  • Profth (energy healing, energy work, Shibari),
  • Kristina Marlen (Shibari)
  • Seline (archetypes and ritual work),
  • Hawthorn Magick (energy work and ritual),
  • Manbo Paula Wedo (ritual, connection to spirit),
  • Jonathan Kay (theatre skills, accessing archetypes)
  • Zoe Bran (Shamanic Practice, Soul Retrieval)

Have you seen the award-winning film Touch Me Not? 

In the Media

January 2015: I was interviewed by Ann Hardee on Radio Texas for their Night Moves KSYM program.


Paying for Sex: Men and Women by Night Moves Ksym on Mixcloud


In July 2014, I appeared on In Bed With Bev


Recommended Sexuality and Kink professionals

Rebecca Lowrie – My main mentor when I was making the shift into turning my life work into my profession. A fabulous teacher, great friend and highly insightful woman working from London and over Skype.

The School of Erotic Mysteries – The school that I run where we teach Sacred Tantra, Sex Magick, Conscious Kink and other erotic arts and wonders.

Pulse Brunswick – amazing venue and community in Melbourne, Australia with many wonderful sex-positive events.

Rosie Heart –  amazing sexuality professional who specialises in taking her clients on powerful erotic journeys of pleasure and self-discovery. She is a graduate of both the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program by Barbara Carrellas and the Temple Whore program by the London School of Erotic Mysteries.

Kali Chandra – the beautiful and exquisite Melbourne based Tantric Goddess is highly recommended.

Anna-Marie – Brighton-based magical Tantra practitioner serving beautiful sessions and profound journeys for men and women. Let her guide you home to yourself.

Tara Bliss – Erotic escapades and ecstatic encounters (London)

Ruby May – A beautiful love heart and sacred erotic trainer teaching in Berlin and across Europe. I had the joy of co-teaching a 4-day “Conscious Kink for Sexuality Professionals” In Sweden in 2012 and I was very impressed by her insights, courage and her understanding of all things erotic. Highly recommended.

Barbara Carrellas – the founder of the amazing system of Urban Tantra which I am a graduate of. Barbara is a wonderful educator, full of love and light and ready to share her skills with pleasure and love. Be sure to check out her work and you absolutely must do her course if you are in any way interested in working in the sex or Tantra industry.

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