A Midsummer’s Night Sabbat

As Midsummer approaches, we throw off the shackles of the mundane and enter the mystical and erotic dance where human and fae play together as one

Join us this high summer for a magical and erotic retreat with a difference as we call upon the fae to dance with us in a beautiful and mystical remote centre in the wilds of County Wicklow, Ireland.

This 2 and a half day retreat is set up so that explorers can experience first hand what it is like to combine the arts of spiritual communion with sacred sexuality techniques.

We will learn how to

  • Learn and develop the arts of Holding Space for yourself and others
  • Invite spirit to join us in safe and powerful ritual settings
  • Engage consciously with our own sexuality in beautiful, embodied ways
  • Heal our sexual and emotional wounds such as shame, anxiety, fear
  • Learn which spiritual and archetypal forces are at play in your own life

This workshop retreat is like none other. During it we will combine sacred and grounded ritual with mystical techniques and sacred sexuality to go on the erotic adventure of a life time. If you’ve known all along that there is MUCH MORE potential to your own erotic nature and you’re now ready to engage it with, join us this June for A Midsummer’s Night Sabbat. Let Seani Love be your guide as you learn how to take your own erotic and spiritual nature to phenomenal new depths and heights.

  • Consent and personal boundaries nurtured at all times
  • Different techniques for engaging with the spiritual realm
  • Conscious Sexuality meets Conscious Kink
  • A focus on exploring your own inner world rather than having belief and doctrine put upon you

Booking details:

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