2013 Round Up



The past year was massive for me! I’m feeling grateful for the year that’s been 2013. My path as an explorer of Conscious Kink, Shadow Tantra and the Sacred Mysteries has been really delightful and I feel like I’ve gone from strength to strength. I’ve had the amazing possibilities to teach and run workshops in Melbourne (x5), Sydney, London (x5), Copenhagen, Olinda, Byron Bay, Amsterdam and Bali.

I’ve shared sacred space and workshop space with some truly inspiring collaborators, promoters, space-holders and demo bunnies all of which I’m deeply grateful for. Extra love goes out to Gayatri, Cat, Ruby May, Hania, Alanjohn, Cindy, Talei, Pixie, Vina Von Bliss, Arian, Milou, Laura-Doe Harris, Kirsteen, Moss, Purple, Roger, Violet Rose, Gavin, Minka, Susan, Cindy, Cat, Cat, BindiCat and Arven for your amazing sharing this past year. I love your work and I hope we can get more chances to collaborate in the coming year.

I’ve also learnt a lot about the business side of this work as a number of workshops I’d intended to run failed to get off the ground. Key lessons: choose collaborators well, ensure there’s a need for my skills in an area before booking venues, find promoters that have sex-positive attitudes and are happy to answer participant questi
ons. I’ve also learned a great deal from the amazing feedback that’s been given to me (positive and negative – see previous post.)

In terms of my personal craft, most of my learning has been finding new ways to help my clients find spaces of surrender. Whether through ritual, counselling, invocation, rope bondage, spanking, or other forms of kink and/or spirituality, people are coming to me seeking ways to find the deepest places within themselves. There is a fine art in holding space to ensure someone feels safe enough to let go, be witnessed and surrender. I’m honing this art for the many different types of people who come to see me and I’m loving the feedback I’m getting as to its effectiveness.

And now I’m starting to look ahead into 2014, and sorting out some very exciting collaborations with some really wonderful people. I’ve co-founded The School of Erotic Mysteries with the amazing Rebecca Lowrie and we have a few workshops planned with our first Introduction to the Erotic Mysteries in London in February 2014!

For my personal work, there’s already talk for events further afield with workshop plans forming from Hobart to Stockholm and back again via Toronto! I’m really excited about the possibilities and I am really grateful for all the chances I am getting to share this sacred and powerful, dark and sexy work with those who feel the call and I’m looking forward to sharing this even more.

Feeling much gratitude as I send this message out. Love and blessings to all from Seani Love x x x

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