Upcoming Workshops

June 9 &10: Sydney Film Festival – Touch Me Not film screenings

June 23/24: Canberra – Getting Conscious with Kink

June 28: Melbourne – Intro Night Conscious Kink

June 30/July 1: Melbourne – Getting Conscious With Kink

July 11: Bristol, UK – Conscious Kink (3 hour talk)

July 15-22: Granada, Spain – Erotic Mysteries Deep Dive

August 10-19: Berlin – Liebeskunstfestival <3

September 8-9: Cologne – Getting Conscious with Kink (details soon)

September 15-16: London – Shadow Tantra

September 29-30: Manchester – Getting Conscious with Kink (details soon)

October 19-21: Berlin – Shadow Tantra (details soon)

November 2-4: Munich – Getting Conscious with Kink (details soon)

I have run Conscious Kink, Sacred Sexuality and Ritual Theatre workshops in many cities across the globe, with class sizes ranging from 4 to 40 and I’m always excited by new opportunities to share my skills. With a little planning, I will be able to come to your town or city and run a workshop there too.

In order to book me to run a workshop, you will need:

  • A large, private, clean venue that is big enough to host the number of participants you would like to join us. The venue must be private enough so that participants can make a lot of noise.
  • A group of people will be needed, of course! I run both private and public workshops depending on your particular needs. Private workshops are when a group of friends or colleagues gather for a workshop. Public workshops are usually (but not necessarily) bigger affairs and involve inviting sections of the community to join us.
  • Promotions are required for public workshops. Promotions involve marketing, ticket sales, liaising with the public and more. If the workshop is far from London, then it will be your job as promoter to fill the workshop with participants. Of course, I’ll use my own social media to attract as many people as I can to a public workshop, but if I don’t have local contacts then promotion is largely your responsibility.
  • Accommodation, Venue Hire & Transport costs will need to be covered by the promoter of the workshop. These and other business expenses are shared and will need to be agreed upon before we can confirm that a workshop can take place.

Of course, there is much more to discuss! Do you want to run a public workshop or a private event? Or something in between? How many participants do we want? How will we promote the event? I like to have a helper at my workshops – can we create a budget for her to come too or will we find a local helper?

To book me for a workshop, please get in touch here or email me on to see what magic we can create together.

Here is a list of the different workshop themes I have worked with. We can tailor something to your specific requests.

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