Shadows of Tantra

shadows of tantraIt is with great pleasure that I announce my next two Melbourne events!

I am offering two beautiful experiential evenings before he leaves Melbourne later in January. (Both events at a private Yoga & Fitness Studio in Reservoir.)

Similarly structured events, they are balanced to provide two different doorways into uncovering and integrating our suppressed healthy ‘shadow’ aspects.

“Shadows of Tantra” (The Yin & the Yang)
Fri 17 Jan 7pm-11pm. (Cost: $80/70/60) * Booking * Facebook

“Shadows of Tantra” (The Whole Rainbow)
Sat 18 Jan 7pm-11pm. (Cost: $80/70/60) * Booking * Facebook

– The Friday event’s non-group practices will be in M/F pairings. So more suitable for hetero/bi sexual folk.
– The Saturday event’s non-group practices are in random/intuitive gender-preference/identity-flexible pairings. So a queer-friendly event more suitable for those with a diverse range of gender identities and preferences.

If you have an attraction to both workshops they will no doubt vary significantly. (Group energy, different practice partners, a chance to deepen in experiential understanding of the fundamentals…) So if you book for both events, you will receive a $20 refund from one.

Our erotic shadow is often culturally suppressed. The darker desires: to control or be controlled, to tie someone up and have your way with them, to release something of your beast or slut.

There is a huge fear that if we explore this we will become lost, out of control, shamed, disrespected, or somehow not an OK person.

These events are an opportunity to safely and consciously access some of our desires in facilitated exercises. To get a solid sense of the importance of boundaries, clear communication, working with energy, and in negotiating around the personal differences in level and types of activities people prefer.

Leading at the end of the night into puja-style rituals where you have the chance to put what you have learned into practice.

Check out the links above for further details.

In Melbourne I am happy to be promoted by the wonderful people at Shadowplay

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