The Sacred Shadow


27 September at 19:00 until 29 September at 18:00 in UTC+02


Sacred Kink is the art of celebrating the full spectrum of our sexual desires, regardless of whether these turn-ons are deemed by society as taboo or politically incorrect. Rather than suppressing these desires or acting them out in unconscious ways, by honouring them and bringing more consciousness to them during our play and intimate connections, we create an endless potential for deeper intimacy, meaning and transformation, finding great joy in unexpected places along the way.

Together during this workshop, we will co-create a safe container and sacred space in order to welcome our erotic shadows – the aspects of our sexual personae that are usually connected to shame and guilt, that we may have suppressed, rejected or feel uncomfortable about.

With humour and playfulness, and honouring the Tantric principles of heart connection, presence and raising energy and consciousness, we will delve into our unique inner erotic landscapes, examining the relationship between our deepest desires and fears and exploring themes such as power over/under, humiliation and pain.

We approach our shadows as sacred parts of ourselves, containing kernels of great wisdom and strength that when met and honoured with courage and authenticity, can provide valuable insight into our relationships to intimacy, desire and our true divine natures. By listening to our deepest desires and honouring our Truth by giving them a space to be seen and integrated, we set ourselves free, transcending the duality of light and dark, powerful and powerless, mundane and spiritual. We begin to allow the vast source of creative energy, that wants to flow through us, moving towards a greater wholeness, integrity and self-love that can ripple into the rest of our lives.
This event will be facilitated by Ruby May and Seani Love, who bring their wealth of knowledge spanning Sacred Kink, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, Ritual Theatre, shadow healing, counselling and their shared passion for creating playful, magical and transformative spaces.

This workshop is open to adults of all genders, timid or brave, and all sexual preferences and skill levels. It is equally suitable for those participating alone or with a partner but some experience in Sacred Sexuality and workshop settings is preferred.

Ruby May is a British born, Berlin-based self described sexpansionist, whose passion lies in creating playful, magical spaces in which consciousness, sexuality and shadow healing are used for their potential in personal and spiritual growth and transformation. In her individual sessions and workshops, she works with a fusion of fields including Conscious Kink, Tantra and Sexological Bodywork to support us in discovering deeper layers of our Truth, so that we can embody greater authenticity, freedom and joy, and experience ourselves ‘beyond our imagination!’

Seani Love is one of London’s most professional sexual adventurers. He runs monthly workshops on Conscious Kink, ritual and embodied sexuality and he hosts private sessions for people who are exploring aspects of their sexuality and spirituality. He specialises in helping people explore those more taboo parts of themselves that need integration. He is based in London and teaches wherever the winds take him.
Friday 27th 19:00 – 22:00
Saturday 28th 10:00 – 21:00
Sunday 29th 10:00 – 18:00
Cost: 2200 DKK
Deposit: 500 DKK

“ The fusion of sacred sex with conscious BDSM is the new frontier of sexual and spiritual growth. Ruby and her team are the perfect caring, creative, and courageous facilitators to nurture and expand this work.” – Barbara Carellas, author of ‘Urban Tantra’ and “Ecstasy is Necessary”
“ I want to thank you both for introducing me so gently and so professionally to this to me totally unknown world …. I hesitated a long time before I decided to register for the course as most of what I had seen on the web about the BDSM scene seemed cold to me and very far away from any higher sensual or spiritual experience. But your concept, your approach and your course was so innovative and different from everything I have ever seen… The combination of spiritual tantra and BDSM elements is really something totally new and offers a whole new perspective on sensuality…And most of all, I liked the way you offered these experiences to us: gradually, going step by step, never pushing, always with attention and respect for our own personal boundaries and limitations” – Steve Mikkelsen

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