The Sacred Feminine

Awaken the goddess within and let her shine through!

The Star

“Seani held up a mirror to my soul so it had a chance to speak and be heard…The soul is subtle and complex but Seani seems to be able to hear it, tune into its frequency.” ~ Bayari Beegan (co-founder of Heaven On Earth)

One of my natural skills is my ability to witness the sacred within most of the people I come into contact with, especially the sacred feminine. It’s as if I can get a glimpse into some deep magical part of people that they don’t normally see within themselves.


“He is one of the best listeners I’ve ever experienced! I would compare the experience to being in a dark room, searching for something… Seani is the light which is suddenly switched on..the search for what I was looking for suddenly became much easier…” ~ Bayari

I’m not saying I can see your life path or predict your destiny or anything like that – but I can usually very naturally witness your divinity and this means I can reflect it back to you. This reflection allows you to see a part of yourself that you are not normally in contact with and allows you to better see your own life path and thus put energy into creating your own destiny. There are few things more empowering than the level of self-knowledge gained from these reflections.

At some point during the session Seani took me somewhere high where I was able to watch my doings in this existence and bless my soul. Seani conjured up the goddess within me and from above She spoke to me words of wisdom, she caressed me and gradually there was a great sense of ease, acceptance and surrender filling my heart. ~ Tania Gallindo (craniosacral therapist and organiser of sacred women’s spaces)

When I work with you in this way, I use a combination of counselling skills, ritual techniques, breathing exercises and sometimes shamanic journeying in order to witness you. I am very strong in my sacred masculine and this makes it easier for me to see the sacred feminine within those I work with. I should say this has little to do with your actual gender but some deeper, more profound archetypal quality.

What I also liked about the session is bringing the divine into the every day…Seani helps you tap into your divine inspiration and encourages you to connect to your source, your strength…The transformation within me is tangible, and others have commented I look more radiant and strong…” ~ Bayari

Sessions last 2 hours and the reflections last a life time.

—> Yes, I’d love to awaken my Divine Feminine

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