When I look back at my own journey, there were so many times I wish I had someone to talk to about what I was going through. So many tears I shed through lack of understanding of my own self and my passions. I remember the pain of longing to explore my sexuality and having no-one to talk to about them. From sexual kinks, to gender issues, to issues of coming out as non-monogamous. I found the first step towards personal liberty was to find a safe way to express what was going on in my inner world and I have now opened up to helping others through similar journeys.

In Guidance sessions I like to create a safe and sacred space in which my clients can feel comfortable speaking aloud their heart’s desires, tell me about their sexuality include their secret fetishes and even their most politically incorrect fantasies. Speaking to a friendly ear is often the first step in actually owning your own sexuality and starting the journey towards sexual healing.

Guidance sessions with me can last as long as required and can be at my place or yours, or even on Skype as long as we know we won’t be disturbed and can go deep within. Client confidentiality is assured which is to say: anything shared in a Guidance session remains secret forever.

Sessions of guidance are available by appointment and can be about anything at all you like. I studied counselling at Sweet Track Counselling in Glastonbury. I favour the more spiritual end of counselling and have mostly worked with the person-centred model. I have studied ritual methods and spiritual systems for 20 years and I’ve been a sexual adventurer for just as long… I am happy to give guidance in these fields as required.

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