Feminine Rage

A note on safety: A Feminine Rage session is not a therapy in the traditional sense though it can have a massively cathartic and therapeutic outcome. Feminine Rage sessions are more akin to ecstatic rituals than to therapy so please keep this in mind when considering booking. Would traditional therapy serve you more? Perhaps. Also please note that I am never naked during a feminine rage session.

Nearly all women across the globe have experienced some level of sexual harassment, unwelcome attention that crossed boundaries, sexual provocation or other expressions of unconscious male sexual aggression.

Most (if not all) women have had their boundaries crossed and because of the nature of the situation, haven’t been able to express themselves clearly. Maybe there was a threat, real or imagined; maybe due to society’s programming, all women have kept quiet when they wanted to speak out, express their anger and scream.

The problem goes deep – every unexpressed feeling gets caught in your body or your throat or your genitals. Unexpressed anger holds you back, keeps you suppressed and stops you from being really powerful in our world.

And yet, most attempts to express this rage scares men off. It induces ridicule and insult as most men simply don’t know how to hold and witness the kind of anger that society perpetuates within women.

And that’s where the Feminine Rage sessions come in – this is your chance in a safe and sacred space, to really let that anger out, to scream and rage and rant and direct your anger at a skilled and professional space holder.

When I hold space for women journeying through such emotion, I witness the most amazing and profound changes. Anger that has been carried for whole lifetimes can be felt, embraced, released and alchemically transformed into personal gold.

These sessions touch on the deepest places and are only really recommended if you truly are ready to release all that anger you have inside you. The story doesn’t matter; the release and transformation of the energy inside you does.

x x x Seani

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