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Conscious Touch & Conscious Sexuality
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* Tantric Sex * Shamanic Journeying * Accessing Archetypes * Psychodrama

“I received a wonderful session off Seani Love today, helping me connect with different archetypes, and then offer the energy of these archetypes to another. A very powerful couple of hours that was both insightful, left me vibrating with energy, and gave me some beautiful new practices to work with!” ~ a lovely testimonial about a session where I showed different ways to access certain archetypes and how these can be used in client work from Cathryn Jiggens of Tantra 4 Tigers

I am now offering a host of services for sexuality and spirituality professionals and for people hoping to enter these professions. These are hands-on sessions where I teach you the skills in these wonderful fields I’ve learned over the years.


Many sexuality professionals need what we call in the counselling profession ‘Supervision’ sessions. These are private and discrete sessions where we sit and talk about any struggles you have with your work, your clients, your career development, avoiding burnout and other issues that arise. In order to be an accredited counsellor or psychotherapists, ongoing supervision sessions are actually compulsory; and for much the same reason: clients can have a lasting affect on practitioners and often these practitioners need some kind of debrief. Supervision sessions are designed to help you work through all of these issues and more. Please get in touch if you feel ongoing supervision might help you.


Many sex workers and other sexuality professionals come to me seeking skills in how to protect themselves from unwanted client energies. Learning the techniques of energetic self-protection can really help you maintain your own energetic boundaries which in turn allows you to provide a better service to your clients. There are some easily-learned techniques that allow you to maximise the power of your client sessions without taking their energies into your being and still allowing maximum sensitivity to their needs.

Conscious Kink

The Conscious Kink skills I pass on include Domination/submission, Spanking, Flogging, Rope Bondage and more. Learn how to guide your clients into their own kinks for both deep pleasure and wonderful healing. More about Conscious Kink.

Shadow Tantra

Shadow Tantra combines the arts of Conscious Kink with spirituality and ritual. Many clients seek deeper understanding and integration of their own erotic shadows which leads them to beautiful states of self-love and personal empowerment. Read more about Shadow Healing.

Tantric Sex and Tantric Massage

Tantra has a wonderful and vibrant history and is a complete spiritual tradition that leads towards full self-empowerment. Historically this was often done via deliberate transgressive acts. With Tantric Sex, we practice the arts of raising and circulating energy though our bodies and with each other allowing the release and understanding of ‘Kundalini’, the Serpent energy. We do all this whilst practicing non-attachment to the emotions and energy states raised. This is a favourite  as many clients will come seeking Tantric and more spiritual ways of connecting with their sexuality professional. Learning how to take your clients on Tantric journeys will ultimately be very rewarding for both of you.

Shamanic Journeying

Learning how to go on Shamanic Journeys can really help uncover much that’s going on inside your own subconscious mind. These journeys are guided one to one by myself and guide you towards deeper understanding of what makes you tick. Taking clients on these journeys can aid in their own healing process and teaches them aspects of themselves that they don’t normally have access to.

Accessing Erotic Archetypes

Using various ritual techniques, it’s simple to learn how to access different archetypes in your own being. This is powerful in its own right and brings great learning and insight to you but when combined with holding a client on their journey into their sexuality, profound and magical results are easily navigated to. Common archetypes include The Queen, The King, The Mother, The Father, The Child, The Beast, The Witch, The Divine Masculine, The Divine Feminine, The Warrior, The Whore (and the Holy Whore) and many more.

This type of ritual work also works well if you have a specific deity in mind you wish to work with e.g. Lilith, Pan, Isis, Aphrodite, Eros, Shiva, Shakti amongst others.


Psychodrama is the art and science of combining ritual and theatre techniques. This kind of work goes way beyond the world of role-play as it involves accessing different states of mind and consciousness. For example, if a client wants a ‘goddess worship’ session, psychodrama allows you to not just ‘pretend’ to be a goddess but actually allows you to feel as if the goddess is within you. This gives the client a deeper and richer experience of their time with you. In an age-play session with client as the younger one, they won’t just have to pretend to be younger but you’ll be able to take them there with full authenticity allowing them to access their younger self which can lead to more beautiful, healing and cathartic experiences.

About me

I’ve been exploring all aspects of conscious sexuality, Tantric sex, BDSM, Conscious Kink and ritual for nearly 25 years. I am one of the founders of The School of Erotic Mysteries; a school which runs various classes, workshops and events enabling participants to explore the erotic in a safe and powerful way leading to greater depths of erotic potential, self-knowledge and personal empowerment. I’m also trained in Spiritual Counselling and Ritual Theatre and am a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra; a beautiful system of Tantra as devised and taught by the wonderful Barbara Carrellas.

Please be in touch if you’d like a professional development session and learn how to take your clients on deeper, more profound journeys or to simply experience these beautiful arts for yourself.