Australian Tour Dates – Private sessions and workshops



January 6th – 9th ~ Private sessions in Sydney
January 11th  ~ Private sessions at the Gold Coast
January 12-14 ~ A 3-Day Getting Conscious With Kink ~ Gold Coast workshop (Gold Coast)
January 15-16 ~ Private sessions Gold Coast
January 18-21 & 23 ~ Private sessions Melbourne


A private session is the perfect opportunity to explore your kinks and erotic fantasies; a perfect time to reclaim your sexuality or explore new avenues of pleasure. We might try some rope bondage or you might receive a spanking. We might try some Tantric breathwork or other erotic ritual. You might need some love and intimacy or to relax and enjoy receiving beautiful nurturing erotic touch. I also love to explore deeper erotic scenes and use the techniques of Conscious Kink to allow safe and powerful exploration of the darker fantasies such as control, power & surrender.


  • Conscious Kink (spanking, rope bondage, role play, etc)
  • Consensual Non-Consent (surrender and power play)
  • Yoni massage and Tantric Massage
  • Love and Intimacy
  • The Boyfriend experience
  • Harder BDSM
  • Erotic ritual, archetypes and reclaiming lost sexuality
  • Exploring your own desires and learning about your own sexuality
  • Asking and receiving what you actually want

A 3-hour session costs $450 Australian dollars.


I am careful not to promise healing in my sessions as I can never know the full story of someone’s journey. Having said that I have trained in Counselling (Person Centred // Carl Rogers) and I am an expert space holder. I’ve also trained with Barbara Carrellas and hold her certificate as an Urban Tantra Practitioner. One of the main ways sexual healing happens during sessions is that the time together is all about you and your explorations. Often when lovers come together they are trying to meet each other’s needs. A private session is very different as the whole time we’re together is dedicated to your needs, your body and your boundaries. By holding space and focussing on your own sensations we enable beautiful, powerful, safe reclamation of your own sexuality.


I’m Seani Love – I won UK Sex Worker of the Year in 2015 for my work in the field of hands-on sexuality. I am heterosexual and any genital contact is exclusively for my female clients. I’m a great communicator with a focus on consent and boundaries at all stages of an erotic encounter. I love exploring erotic ritual and helping my clients gain new understandings of their sexuality and their personal avenues to reclaiming pleasure. You can explore this site to find out more about me or write to me now to arrange our time together.




Please contact me directly to make a booking for any private session or workshop.



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