International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 2018

Today is International #SexWorkersRightsDay – a day to think about the rights that sexuality professionals of all stripes have or don’t have.

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There are places on the planet where sex workers can be executed or locked up for doing our job. WTF.

People are like “oh you sell sex Seani, that’s so cool” but think about the inherent sexism in saying that if you can’t say it to a person of any gender.

On the privilege stakes, I’m doing pretty well – I mostly work in places (uk and Sydney) where sex work is not a criminal act and due to my gender and orientation, I don’t face much stigma or threats of violence like many others in the industry do.

One of the things that adds to the stigma and the violence is the criminalisation of the industry. If it’s either illegal to sell or buy sex, then the industry is driven underground and then it’s harder to stay safe, it’s harder to report crimes & so it’s harder to get justice.

Some people advocate for the Nordic model which makes it illegal for a client to purchase sexual services but this makes it harder for sex workers to verify their clients, and thus adds to the danger and the stigma.

Think about it and ask questions here or by PM if you need to.

If you know any sex workers (and I’m betting you do even if you don’t know it) then ask them if they need anything. They want want to talk about their challenges. They might not too but at least they’ll know you care.

If you hear people equate consensual sex work with non-consensual human trafficking, please shut them down as these are not the same thing. Sure, some people are driven to sex work out of economic need, but isn’t that the same reason any of us have jobs?

And lastly something to take note of is that most sex workers in the UK are single mothers trying to earn a living to feed their fams in an otherwise (mostly harsh) capitalist economy:

Thanks for reading!

Love and hugs from Seani x

(and industry colleagues reading this, let me know if I missed anything)

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