Global Sex Workers’ Rights

I’m fairly privileged in that I get to travel to lots of amazing places for my work – all over Australia, Bali, across The UK and Europe. I have learned that each place I visit has different laws about what I’m allowed to do in private sessions. Some countries or states restrict what I can offer, others restrict what my clients are allowed to pay for.

For me professionally this is okay as I can offer alternative session or workshops and there isn’t much scrutiny for male sex workers. BUT on the other hand, many of my colleages in many brances of the sex industy don’t have safe alternatives and it’s super important that we do what we can to maximise the legal rights and frameworks for all workers.

Some examples of bad sex work laws you should be aware of:

  • Many sex workers aren’t able to advertise because of their local laws
  • Many aren’t able to share a residence with their colleagues because legally (in some places) this can be thought of as an illegal ‘brothel’
  • Many aren’t allowed to advertise their specific offerings tho they are allowed to show what they look like
  • Many live in places where it’s illegal to pay for sexual services; which means their clients aren’t willing to hand over identfication for fear of arrest. This makes ensuring sex worker safety much harder.
  • Many companies have explicit rules saying sex workers are not allowed to use their services, eg. TransferWise and PayPal

The list goes on.

With this in mind I encourage you to understand more about sex worker rights. The Global Network of Sex Work Projects is a great place to start and you can even donate to them. Also this Wikipedia article seems fairly comprehensive. In the US you can write to sex workers who have been put in prison because of their work.

Lastly please remember that most sex workers are single mothers trying to feed their families.

Seani Love

(Please get in touch with updated info or to correct factual errors in the above text)

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