Gentleman of Debauchery

A very sweet new testimonial has come in from a recent client. Happy memories of a profound awakening:

I stepped through the delicious doorway that Seani held open for me – ever the gentleman of debauchery  🙂 – and now I would not, could not, go back to the place where I existed before this. I feel very blessed to have experienced the magic he manifested. Healed. Raw. Loved. Happy. Enthusiastic for more.

On a practical note, I always felt that he respected my boundaries at all times. I knew I was safe to let go. This was key. Very much the sexy dominant. Instinctively knew how to push just the right buttons in my head and physically. Love the beautiful rope knots he created! Many weeks later, still getting wet… <3 ~ A, 38, London

Thank you A! It was a delight to work with you 🙂



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