Getting Conscious with Kink – Online

I often host online courses and workshops, and during lockdown it’s been amazing to be able to offer new and exciting material for you all. Here are some snapshots from this specific offering where we explore Impact Play, Consensual Non-Consent, Boundaries & Consent and much more. Click here to find out more about this course. 

Play in Adelaide

The wonderful photographer Jo Tabe caught Rosie Heart and I while playing in Adelaide.


I travel the world teaching workshops on Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Kink. Here are a few flyers of workshops I have done over the past year. All flyers designed by Rosie Heart.

Addis Point

Exploring the joys of Conscious Kink. Helena is captured and bound and taken into the waves by Seani Love at Point Addis (Victoria, Australia). Once trust was found I tied Helena using the wonderful Japanese knot-work known as Shibari. We then deepened our connection into more love. So much trust is required when you say, “Hold your breath. I’m going to hold you under the water.” By being bound like this, it allowed Helena a deep place of surrender. It was a beautiful and emotional session for both of us and as you might see in the photos, the intimacy created between us is almost tangible.

All photos take by the wonderful Leela Sky Photography.


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