Journey into the Erotic Mysteries

Satyr and Bacchante by James Pradier

Satyr and Bacchante by James Pradier



Isn’t it time we dusted off our sexual shadow and offered it a well-deserved Spring clean? Good news! We are delighted to be welcoming back Internationally reknown Conscious Kink facilitator Seani Love to The Greenery in May. Seani offers a safe, playful, adventurous space to step into the darkest corners of your psyche and explore there a while, within safe limits and boundaries set by yourself and your workshop partners.

But hang on a minute!? Lets rewind a second… Sexual energy and spiritual development all in one workshop? Are you sure? : )

“If you had told me several years ago that my sexuality related in any way to my personal growth and achievement in life, I would have politely smiled, nodded, and changed the subject. Though I inherently understood that our sexual experiences could in some way affect our spiritual awareness, I had neither actual proof of this, nor any real understanding of how it could be so. ”

Devi Ward, Author, Tantra & Sex Educator

Seani Love’s three-day voyage into the Erotic Mysteries​​ provide a vital understanding of where Tantra, Conscious Kink and the so-called “human shadow” of Jungian psychology meet. We explore the mystery traditions with the goal of each workshop participant remembering and being witnessed in their true Divine Nature.

Erotic Mysteries cut through illusions, conformity and mental programming which accumulate through decades of societal conditioning. The result of stepping beyond this programming is an opportunity to remember who we really are and witness others in their remembering. Additionally, we liberate energy which has been used to suppress thoughts, desires and impulses, so that we can redirect our personal power to more creative goals and visions.

Seani says “There is a ‘coming home’ feeling once we remove the shackles of illusion put upon us by the modern world. The Erotic Mysteries workshop is about creating safe and conscious ritual space where we can look within, explore and integrate what we find, so that we re-emerge whole and empowered. The work is fun and playful, but also offers a profound opportunity to encounter oneself on a deep authentic level of your being. Participants have shared that this kind of exploration shifts their sense of self in ways they never could have imagined”

Conscious Kink is the tool Seani utilises to forge a path into the inner world of the `shadow psyche. Kink is a range of BDSM processes and practices which can trigger suppressed wants, needs and desires in men and women. It is important to explore in an empowering and nurturing way and BDSM practices have a long history and culture of safe boundary agreements.

Seani says “We may explore what it’s like to engage in Impact Play (e.g. spanking) or we may create scenes where we find out what it’s like to serve another person for a while. Conscious Kink allows for our darker erotic fantasies to be explored, and for this reason a large part of the workshop is geared towards learning common tools for asserting boundaries and ensuring healthy methods for gaining authentic consent.”

Whether you have a long tradition of sexuality awareness work, or you are hearing about Conscious Kink and Neo-Tantra for the first time, your level of experience will be supported by an experienced team.

Jumping onboard: If you feel attracted to attend this workshop, please send an email with your level of experience to:


Friday night – Monday afternoon all inclusive with accommodation and high quality organic meals. A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional cost. First-come first-served.

Per participant: £350 for those on a regular income
Concessionary rate: £300 for low-income participants
Deposit: £75 (Non-refundable to secure place)

These are great value rates for an adventure which involves three nights and three days at a beautiful ecological retreat centre…please do not hesitate to get in touch as places are limited and the workshop was fully booked the last time we ran it.

Please note:

This is an intensive ritual / deep dive and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on the journey of self-discovery.

The Erotic Mysteries​ can be a set of powerful tools for healing sexual trauma, but the movement towards healing is at your own pace. We provide the tools, techniques and safe space.

Whilst we anticipate erotic content, your personal boundaries and wishes will be honoured and nurtured at all times.

This event is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship formations.

This event is hosted by:

The Greenery in Worcestershire (address provided upon booking request). Contact the wonderful host Natalia for details.

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