Berlin Sessions April 2021

An invitation for the Berlin crew:

As I’m freshly arrived back in Berlin and these are strange times, I’m taking about 40% off my regular prices for the month of April.

One-on-one session: €300 for 3 hours (instead of my usual €520)

  • Boyfriend experience
  • Conscious kink // explore your kinks in a safe and powerful way
  • Tantra massage
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Erotic Empowerment

One-on-one teaching session: You and me and an assistant in the room – €390 

  • Become a better lover
  • Professional development
  • Erotic ritual skills
  • Client negotiation practices
  • New bedroom skills for you and your partner

Small workshops: While here I’m running a series of small workshop with a maximum of 6 participants. Each workshop will be 3-4 hours, €50 euros each. Upcoming workshops include:

  • Needle piercing
  • Tantra massage for partners (all genders) 
  • Creating Erotic Ritual
  • Conscious Kink afternoon

Small print: 

The price includes basic venue hire in my apartment in Prenzlauerberg. The price above includes an ‘instant antigen’ test if you need one. The tests we’re providing bring results in 15-30min. I have already had Covid19 and I’ve had my first vaccination shot so I am very safe to work with.

All safer sex supplies are included in the prices above.

If we need to hire a venue (e.g. because we expect to be loud or need more privacy), that is an extra expense.

Please get in touch directly to take advantage of any of these offerings. Web or Email

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